Is Montreal worth visiting? Top 10 Tourist hacks updated 2020

How old is Montreal Canada?

Montreal is currently 375 years old. For a North American settlement, that's pretty old. Not many tokens of this time remain however and there are very few standing structures that still remain from the 1600s.

Oldest building in Montreal 

These small homes were often made from wood, and so did not have the natural longevity that stone has. There are some that remain however. The few that do are naturally built in a french style mirroring that of their occupants at the time, the French settlers of the 1600’s. 

View of Montreal city

See: Maison Le Ber - Le Moyne. This is one of the earliest examples that is still standing of french provincial style, settler home. 

Is Montreal a walled city?

Montreal once was a fortified city owned by the french in the 18th century. These fortifications meant it was necessary to surround the occupants in a wall fortification. There are still parts of the wall that remain for visitors to see and visit. 

Is Montreal older than Toronto 

Montreal is much older than Toronto. Before the province of Canada, Montreal existed as a part of the french empire. As a city it is over 350 years old. Compared to Toronto's 200. 

Is it rude to speak English in Montreal?

It is not rude to speak English in Montreal, but some of its residents may find it harder to understand you. Overall though Canada is the largest bilingual nation with most of its people speaking French and English to a high degree. 

Is Montreal expensive to visit

Like any city - parts of Montreal can be expensive. You need to know where to go and what to look out for. If you go in the off season things can be quieter and a little cheaper which is great. A day trip could set you back around $100.

Montreal at night

What is the best area to stay in Montreal?

To some - old Montreal is the quintessential place to stay if you are visiting Montreal. The old style harbourfront buildings take us to another word, and there is a lot of architecture to be admired from the rooftops down to the streets. If you are looking for something a little more modern, try the plateau-mont-royal. This may be more your style if you are wanting more nightlife and vibrancy. 

What do you call someone from Montreal?

The correct name would be the Montréalais if you were Quebecois. And simply Montrealers in English.  The word Montreal actually stems from mont royal, the mountain range. This then was shortened and given the nickname Montreal. 

What is the main industry in Montreal?

As with many cities - Montreal has many different hats. Some would say the aerospace industry is one of the largest in Montreal. But others would suggest high-end electricals and telecoms. 

Tallest building in Montreal

What is the tallest building in Montreal? The tallest building is the 1250 Rene-levesque. It reaches 226 meters high. View more corporate architecture montreal.

Things to do in Montreal

Found some flights to Montreal? You might be wondering what to do in Montreal?

There is the Montreal botanical garden, which can be great on a warm day, as well as a colder rainy day when the weather isn't so good. You could even travel Toronto to Montreal via plane or train, and try some of the fantastic Montreal bagels. 

This part of the world is renowned for its French-influenced foods. Worth a try!

Why is Montreal important to Canada

This city is important for the history of Canada as well as the tourism trade, and manufacturing. It also provides a lot of jobs to the citizens of Canada.

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