8 Secrets Tips for Achieving a Parisian Interior Design

The French have a liking for refined, yet effortless designs in their homes. Most of the Parisian interior designs can be described as being classic and timeless with a touch of modern edge. This can be attributed to a deep sense of history that has seen the French interior aesthetics adopt an eclectic style over several years.

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French interior

In general, it should be right to say that the secret to achieving a perfect Parisian interior design is being classic and contemporary. Most people, however, feel quite intimidated by the French design as they think that it’s quite complicated. If that’s how you feel as well, you may want to consider the following guidelines as they can help you achieve the design with ease:

1. Don’t try too hard

The first mistake that too many people make when trying to achieve a Parisian style is trying too hard. That should, however, not be the case since Parisian detail is not all about being perfect. As such, if you wish to be successful in achieving the design, focus on just making your home cozy and full of memories, rather than going through hundreds of guides trying to find out what’s French and what’s not.

2. Deviate from neutral colors

Another main thing to keep in mind when trying to achieve an amazing Parisian interior design is being careful with your choice of colors. That’s in consideration that color is a major factor that can make it possible to bridge the gap between old-fashioned and contemporary times. It’s always a good idea to blend colors, design styles, and time periods if you’re after a modern French design. Making use of a few strong and complementary colors will give uniformity that connects your style.

3. Don’t do away with the old

When choosing your furniture, you might benefit from choosing old over contemporary. There is something about vintage furniture that completes a Parisian interior design. You should, however, go for pieces that have an antique yet modern look on them to complete the connection between the modern and good old times.

Dining room French style

4. Try anti-décor

The main idea behind anti-décor is to combine different elements that somehow contradict each other. That will make it possible to achieve an awkward perfunctory touch that is common in French interior design.

5. Make good use of textiles

The use of textiles is crucial as you try to pull your Parisian look together. Handmade quilts and old boutis are mostly used for throws, bedcovers, rugs, as well as table covers and curtains. Doing so should help you achieve a layered and cozy look for your room. You can use the Toile de Jouy dyed fabric for your bed linens, wall coverings, drapery, or even stretch the fabric on wooden wall battens. There are quite a number of ways to utilize textiles when trying to achieve a French style in your design.

6. Consider cubism

Using only one piece of art will not take you anywhere as far as achieving a palette of Parisian style is concerned. Getting the palette right is all about placing close together two things such as vases, table coverings, and others with contrasting effects to accomplish the sophisticated look of French interior design.

French decorations, interior design
French decor

7. Introduce drama

One of the main secrets to creating an amazing Parisian atmosphere is introducing drama in the form of contrast and color. This can be something as simple as placing new units to next to older ones or even reupholstering some of your furniture in a bright, electric color. Drama is quite an important factor in French interiors due to the range of mismatched combinations of furnishing and décor used in Parisian apartments.

8. Let the interior age

Antique texture and aged furnishing are without a doubt, some of the easily distinguished aspects of Parisian designs. Slightly worn-out cupboards, rich on ornaments mirrors, old rugs, and metal elements with imitation of rust are quite a common sight in Parisian interior designs. There are different techniques available for aging the appearance of furniture to achieve antique French interior aesthetics.

There you go

If you have a high adoration of the Parisian interior design, the above are some of the main things you can do to achieve the look. You don’t have to be wealthy or even relocate to Paris if you want to achieve a Parisian look in your workplace, home, or even apartment. There are interior design professionals out there as well, who can help you achieve an amazing Parisian interior design for your home, so be sure to seek their help if necessary.

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